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Category: Selling Advice – General

Men’s Trinket and Tool Box Items

As a longtime antiques dealer and estate liquidator, I’ve had the unique, and often humbling, privilege to dig through the very personal effects of many people both alive and deceased. Having done this so many times, I’ve come to see

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Should You Clean, Repair or Restore Your Antiques?

The subject of cleaning, repairing and restoring antiques raises more questions from novice collectors than most other subjects put together. Everyone has heard stories about someone spending a fortune to restore an antique, only to have it rendered worthless by

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Which Antique Items are Worth Selling?

If you’re an adult reading this post, then chances are you have accumulated at least a few items of value, either that you purchased yourself at one point or obtained through inheritance or as a gift. Older adults may have

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How to Get the Most for Your Antiques

More antiques are entering the market now than ever before. Many Boomers are downsizing, and other people are simply looking to increase their cash flow in a tight economy. You may be inclined to jump on the resale bandwagon, but

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How To Get Started Selling Your Antiques

Has the time come to declutter your home? Maybe you have wedding gifts that have yet to be used, or you’ve accumulated items from your relatives’ estates that don’t suit your taste or lifestyle. You know someone would love them,

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When is the Right Time to Sell Your Antiques?

One of the biggest and saddest mistakes people make is waiting too long to sell their valuable property. Many folks think that the best strategy is to hold onto antiques and collectibles for as long as possible in the hope

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