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Tag: Selling Your Antiques

Your Old Holiday Decorations are Desirable

One of the big lures of antique hunting and ownership is the memories they help us recall and recreate. For most of us, special holiday moments with family and friends are among our warmest and most cherished memories. Somehow all

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How to Sell Your Old Books

One of the most commonly misunderstood categories of antiques is books. Once again, it all comes down to the law of supply and demand. Considering just how many books there are in the world (how many have you bought in

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Old Cottage Items Hold Unexpected Value

As the world gets more and more hectic every day, folks of all ages are becoming more nostalgic about the simpler things in life. Some people are purchasing second homes as a way to get away from it all. Others

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Your Cedar Closet May Be a Goldmine

If you were born between the 1940s and 70s, chances are that at some point in your youth you enjoyed wearing the fashion of the times. Looking back at old photos of ourselves, it can be hard to imagine what

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Selling Sports-related Items

Americans love sports more than any other pastime. Whether it’s attending games, playing them, or armchair quarterbacking, nearly half of all Americans call themselves sports fans. Needless to say, with that many sports enthusiasts out there, sports-related objects are among

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Your Asian Antiques May Be Valuable

As Americans who think that 1492 was a long time ago, it can be difficult to imagine a country where the same race and culture of its people have continuously developed and evolved over nearly 5,000 years of recorded history

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Which Ceramic Figurines are Valuable?

The art of creating figurines out of various types of clay goes back many thousands of years, but the ones made in the 19th and 20th centuries are most likely what you’ll find in your own home. Ceramic figurines were

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Are Old Musical Instruments Worth Anything?

Musical instruments date back to prehistoric times. Musicologists have records of groups in China playing orchestral music as early as the 4th century CE. Through the ages since, countless billions of people have enriched their lives, and the lives of

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Are Your Antique Tools Worth Anything?

The use of tools has separated us from other species since the dawn of humanity. Anthropologists tell us that each advance in the sophistication of man’s tools contributes to our continuing evolution. No wonder collectors have such a fascination with

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Is Your China Valuable?

Among the most common items to find their way to the second-hand market are sets of china. While that’s not surprising considering that most folks own multiple sets of dishes, what might surprise you is just how few of these

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