Josair Napoleon Pattern Cut Crystal Cordial Glass Stemware


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We recently came into a collection of beautiful crystal cordial glasses from Josair. (Please see quanitity listed below). For other variants, please see our other Josair listings. And, use the shopping cart feature at top right to combine shipping costs for mulitiple orders!

These Josair cut crystal cordial glasses are cut in the NAPOLEON pattern. This pattern was discontinued in 1981 and is very rare! Glass features vertical faucets on lower portion of bowl, and has a round base foot. Each glass bears the Josair CROWN logo acid etched on base foot. The glass has superb clarity for its age and the cuttings are beautifully done. The stems are quite heavy and should hold up to substantial use.

Very nice previously owned condition with minimal signs of wear considering age; we will not ship any substandard examples!
Measures: length: 5&1/2″ x 2&1/2″ dia. from base
Weighs: 8 ozs each