1930s Wahl Eversharp Art Deco Coronet Gold-Filled Fountain Pen NO WEAR / DAMAGE | RI Antiques Mall

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1930s Wahl Eversharp Art Deco Coronet Gold-Filled Fountain Pen NO WEAR / DAMAGE



Note that some of the photos make it appear that there is a coppery color on parts of the pen.  This is a result of the limitations of our lighting and photo equipment in combination with other uncontrollable photo hosting factors.  Enlarging the photos makes most of the copper color go away, but in any event, rest assured that in person the pen is all just even gold color, and that there is no wear-thru whatsoever to the copper substrate.


TITLE: 1930’s Wahl Eversharp Art Deco Coronet Gold-Filled Fountain Pen


The Coronet is widely held up as the epitome of high Art Deco pen design. It is certainly one of the most architectural of pens, strongly reminiscent of such American Deco icons as the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. When introduced toward the end of 1936, advertisements boldly announced “GOLD IS BACK!”. The pen is finely crafted and detailed, and made in the USA. It features a streamlined Art Deco-style barrel and cap, with panels etched with a parallel linear design. The piece is further accented with inlaid triangular Black Pyralin designs; the end of cap is adorned with a faceted Black Pyralin jewel. The end of barrel is marked “Gold Filled / Eversharp / Made in USA”. The pen features the monogram “SS” in an elegant font. The fine point nib, #53 by Parker, appears to be original to the pen (we think this due to the lack of signs of wear to the pen itself)… perhaps it was the owner’s preference?  Fresh from a local estate where it sat, untouched, in desk drawer for the better part of 5+ decades along with a bunch of other more common pens. Thank goodness it didn’t just get tossed with the rest of the junk!  This exquisite pen will make a fine additon to any stylophile collection!

CONDITION: The pen presents beautifully and is in excellent, near-mint+ condition, with minimal wear and patina commensurate with age and occasional (if any) use. No dings, scratches or damage noted. ​We gave this piece only a light cursory cleaning. The gold still retains its brightness and shine, with no visible damage or losses (not even on the edges where most other examples show brassing) aside from minimal handling wear and minimal, very light scuffing (not that we observed any but just in case you do). We did not attempt to replace the sack and merely flushed it out, and added a small amount of ink to test the pen. It wrote and performed as expected but the new owner will no doubt want to replace the original sack and the safety shutoff o-ring for reliable future use. Please review all photos prior to purchasing.

DIMENSIONS: with cap on 5-1/8″ in length, w/o cap 4-1/2″ in length, 3/8″ barrel diameter


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

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