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Thor Oren Abstract Modern Sculpture



This sculpture is constructed of plaster and wood strips carefully integrated by a particularly inventive technique devised and executed by the artist Thor Oren. Oren is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design; one of the finest art and design schools in the world.  Of particular note, he was mentored by the celebrated modernist sculptor and designer, Richard Fishman.

This abstract sculpture has its precursors in the modernist works of Brancusi and Jean Arp with early origins in Greek and Roman sculptures which paid homage to the grace and beauty of the idealized female form. A unique and thought-provoking piece, this sculpture is finely crafted and detailed. A large piece (over 40″ in height), it evokes the initial thought of a brutally bound, voluptuous fruit or gourd form. Any further interpretation is left to the viewer’s imagination.  The piece is composed of bentwood layers intertwined to form the frame, which is filled in with smooth white plaster. It would no doubt inspire conversation either displayed on the floor of any open space, left leaning on a wall, or it could be wonderful sat atop a box pedestal for maximum visual impact. You choose how it’s positioned… or perhaps allow your guests to move it as they see fit.  There is no right or wrong way to situate it.

Sculpture presents well and is in very good vintage condition, with minor display wear and patina that only adds to its character. There are a few stable cracks/losses to certain plastered areas (which can be easily repaired if desired).

Dimensions: 44″ in height, 21″ in width, 51″ in length


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