19th C Roundy Son Engraved Knights Masonic Templar Officer Sword Fun Name


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Today we are excited to offer for sale an exceptional original and authentic 19th century post Civil war Roundy & Son masonic knight templar sword. Roundy & Son were prominent sword manufacturers of the 19th century; this sword is marked on the blade “Roundy & Son/Chigaco, Il” and on the scabbard “Pat. July 26 1870. This intricately and exquisitely crafted sword and scabbard feature a myriad of details and designs that are Medieval/Renaissance in style. The finely crafted scabbard features a high relief cross surrounded by a halo that reads “In Hoc Signo Vinces” which is a Latin phrase meaning “In this sign you will conquer”; the phrase was also used by the original Knights Templar military order that was founded during the Crusades. Right below the cross is a parchment roll that reads “Justice/Fortitude/Mercy”; ‚Äčan ornate crown and two sandal feet with the saying “The Will of God”. The middle of the scabbard features a red crowned cross. The sword features an intricate etched bone handle adorned with a knight helmet finial. The cross guard is cast in an ornate style with a knight’s armor motif. The blade of the sword is etched on one side with a medieval knight tournament scene and a knight holding a flag with a cross. The opposide side is etched with the name of the original owner of the sword, a gentleman named Manly Gaylord (can you imagine living with that nametoday?). According to our extensive online research we were able to trace back three gentleman named Manly Gaylord that lived in the 19th century. They were all most likely related, and one of them was a well-known photographer from Medina, NY. This sword was used in ceremonies by the Masonic templars knights, providing a feeling of strength and chivalry, and a symbol of rank and authority. This elegant sword is in very good antique condition, with very minimal wear and patina from being carefully displayed. This antique and unique sword is ready to be displayed and enjoyed. Fresh to the market!

Length: 5 1/4″
Width: 1 1/8″
Depth: 36 3/4″