Restoration Form | RI Antiques Mall

We are open 362 days a year and are only closed for July 4th, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. Hours may vary based on weather. Check this space or our social media profiles for updates.

Contact Us for a Free Restoration/ Repair Estimate

Please be sure to include high quality images of your item(s).

Good photos will help us to give you the most accurate estimates.

  • place the item in a well lit space without clutter
  • use a white-colored or natural light source if possible
  • make sure to photograph all damage.
  • always provide images of the back, bottom, and inside of items so we can better understand the materials, construction, etc.
  • provide a mix of images that show the entire item as well as damage details.
  • if possible, name your image files with descriptive titles.  For example: Chip on Rim.jpg

The Rhode Island Antiques Mall combines a beautiful retail space, a stellar reputation and years of experience to help you get the most out of your antiques and collectibles.

Please upload at least 2 high quality images of your item(s).

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