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Rental Space

Owing to our success as the highest volume antiques mall in New England, it should come as no surprise that our shop has remained fully leased since our opening day back in 2007. With that said, we do have booth turnover from time to time as dealers move away, retire, or run out of merchandise. If you think you’ve got what it takes to meet our standards, submit an application and let’s find a spot for you.

Types of Spaces

With Over 200 Different Spaces, There’s a Spot That’s Right for Everyone


We have many dozens of lockable cases of various sizes – most lighted. Some are in rows while some are incorporated into larger booths. You can configure shelves however you like, and in general you’ll always have use of the space on top of the case as well.


Our most popular configuration – there are numerous sizes and set-ups. All have 4’ high surrounds on 3 sides to isolate your space from others while providing some wall space for shelves or artwork. You may modify the space to suit your needs provided you comply with store policies. All stalls have access to electric power.


On the perimeter walls of both floors we offer full-height booths of various sizes. Some feature slat-wall dividers while others have partitions made of rough-hewn barn board or pegboard. Some feature special gallery lighting while others have electrified structural members on the ceiling for hanging heavy objects. You may modify the space to suit your needs provided you comply with store policies. All booths have access to electric power.

Open Floor Space

For those who specialize in furniture or other large pieces we offer several sizes of open floor space without any walls. Renters of these spaces may install temporary partitions, free-standing shelving units, lighting, showcases, etc., provided they are in compliance with store policies.


We offer (2) fully isolated showrooms for those who require a “shop within a shop”.  These rooms have attractive fully finished interiors with special wall surfaces for hanging artwork. They also include gallery-grade fully adjustable lighting, dedicated security cameras, upgraded sound systems, and a host of other features. All sales made in these galleries are still transacted through the store’s check-out system unless other special arrangements have been made.

General Terms

Rental Term

Month to month with a (1 month) termination notice. Galleries may require longer leases.

Sales Commission

Every sales in every space is subject to a 5% commission. Dealers found to be making private or parking lot deals that circumvent this commission will be expelled from the store immediately.

Services Included in Rent

The store will provide sales floor staffing, transact all sales, collect and pay sales tax, package, and provide a full accounting of sales and commissions for your accountant. All overhead including utilities, maintenance, surveillance, etc. is included. What a deal!

Store Policies

You will be provided with an up-to-date list of store policies upon signing of a rent agreement. General store policies can be found here ____


Now Tell Us About Yourself and the Type of Space You Require