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Estate Liquidation

Whether its a full house liquidation upon the loss of a loved one, a down-sizing move, a home makeover, or a clean-out, the professionals at RIAM fully understand your needs and concerns during what can frequently be an emotional and stressful time.


Our Process

Unlike most “one-trick pony” liquidation services, RIAM has the ability to utilize our enormous brick and mortar showroom in combination with our expert appraisers, on-line sales pros, and diverse auction services in order to get you top dollar for every item. Or if you’d prefer we’ll simply buy your entire estate, or any fraction of it, at compelling wholesale rates.

You or your loved ones spent a lifetime accumulating the belongings you now need to liquidate. Trust the experienced professionals at RIAM to manage your liquidation in a fair, compassionate and timely manner; fully insured of course.

To get started, contact us and if possible send along a few snapshots so we can get an idea of what you have. We’ll then get back to you promptly with a customized plan.