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As New England’s highest volume antiques mall we have the privilege of seeing tens of thousands of antique, vintage, and collectibles sales transactions per year in virtually every category imaginable, so we can really keep our fingers on the pulse of the market.

1. Submit Your Item

Walk in, in-home (housecall), or online.

2. Item Review

One of our expert appraisers inspects and identifies your item(s) and researches historical pricing information to determine a fair market value.

3. Payment & Delivery

Payment is required before delivery. If the product is a good match for our store, we may be willing to purchase or consign it.

What We Appraise

  • Artwork & Sculpture
  • Pottery & Porcelain
  • Jewelry & Watches*
  • Furniture & Decor
  • Musical Instruments
  • Politcal Memoribilia
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Silver
  • Coins & Currency*
  • Vintage Toys
  • Objects of Virtu
  • Ephemera & Collectibles
  • Personal Luxury Items
  • Glassware & Crystal
  • Industrial/Architectural Artifacts
  • And Anything Else Old & Desirable

*While we appraise most jewelry items and coins, there are certain items that require evaluation by a specialist. We are not GIA certified gemologists nor certified coin graders, however we are the right place to start. We can then, if appropriate, subcontract that work to specialists with whom we have good relationships and can trust.

Levels Of Service

Not everyone needs the same level of service. Depending on the item and purpose of the appraisal, often times a simple verbal identification and value estimate will suffice. On the other hand, when using an appraisal for estate settlement, tax-deductible donation, or for use as collateral, a highly detailed appraisal — usually including a thorough written description and comparable sales research is called for. We are equally experienced in all such levels of service.


Per Hour


 We’ll review the project in advance and provide you with estimates. Most importantly we’ll let you know in advance if we feel that the expense of an appraisal is unjustified.


Per Item


Verbal identification w/ casual market value opinion. No comparable documentation included.

*in-store courtesy rate

Walk in or set appointment for fastest service


And Up


When bringing the item to the store is impossible, use our online form to submit your item(s).  We will provide you with a quote first and then payment is required  before the final work product is delivered to you.


Per Hour

In Home

We travel to you and provide any combination of services including written and verbal appraisals. Billing starts when we leave our shop in Pawtucket, RI and continues until we arrive back.