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Sell or Consign

With our incredible location, first-class facility and stellar reputation, you can trust RIAM to sell your most valuable items quickly, professionally and at a great price… and because we sell so efficiently, we can afford to provide our services for less cost to you than most other shops or internet consignment services.

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Merchandise Guidelines

RIAM promises our customers the finest in quality, authenticity and condition. As such we only accept items for consignment that meet our standards. We generally do not accept items valued at less than $100 and the items must truly be antique or highly collectible vintage to be considered.

We will consign almost any fine antique or vintage item – large or small. This includes jewelry and watches, glassware, pottery, artwork, silver, furs, furniture, lighting, rugs and almost anything else that is old and desirable. Clothing, linens, and other textiles must be freshly laundered and free of stains, odor, or damage to be considered. We do not accept new or nearly new items, damaged or soiled merchandise, reproductions, or other items we determine to be inappropriate for our shop. On occasion we will accept certain high-value newer items if they are appropriate for sale on eBay. This includes, vehicles and automotive accessories, boats, newer luxury items, electronics, equipment and machinery, and any number of other desirable items that are not necessarily old. Please inquire about these items first.

How It Works


Consignments are processed daily however for fastest service it is best to bring them in on Thursday evenings from 5pm to 7pm or on the weekends if possible (we have more staff then). You may bring your items in for assessment, or in the case of large items you may choose to email photos first (send to: [email protected]) or bring photos into the shop.

In any case, please make sure that your items are in “Put Right in Your House” condition – clean and damage-free. Pick-up service is available for a reasonable fee – please refer to the pick-up and delivery section of our website for details. We will help you to properly identify your item and to determine the right selling price for it. RIAM reserves the right to reject any item for any reason. The consignor agrees to allow the store to extend the industry standard 10% discount to any dealer/customer possessing a valid resale certificate. Store policy allows for customer offers on any item over $100. In the event of an offer, the store will contact the consignor via phone first for acceptance, rejection, or counter-offer.

Our standard consignment term is 60 days. If your item doesn’t sell within that timeframe, the selling price is automatically reduced (usually by 30%) for the next 30 days. If it still doesn’t sell, the price is automatically reduced again (usually by another 20%). If after 120 days the item has still not sold then the consignor must either take it back or contact us to make other arrangements. Items not reclaimed within 15 days after the expiration of the consignment term shall be considered abandoned and the store will dispose of them at its sole discretion. As a courtesy, RIAM will send you a reminder postcard if your item does not sell after the first 60 days, however we accept no responsibility for undelivered, lost or forgotten notices.

The consignor agrees to allow the store to extend the industry standard 10% discount to any dealer/customer possessing a valid resale certificate. Store policy allows for customer offers on any item over $100. In the event of an offer, the store will contact the consignor via phone first for acceptance, rejection, or counter-offer.

Our Fees


Items that can fit in a showcase or can sit on a shelf or tabletop are subject to a 40%* sales commission when the item sells.


  • For pieces up to 16″ x 20″ the commission is 40%* when the item sells
  • For pieces over 16″ x 20″ but with no dimension over 36″, we charge $35/mo. (or fraction thereof) plus 35%* when the item sells.
  • For pieces with any dimension over 36″ we charge $35 or $4/sq. ft. per month or fraction thereof (which is higher) plus 35% when the item sells.


  • Small items like side chairs, fern stands, and end tables (up to 4 sq.’ of floor space) are charged at $15/mo. or fraction thereof, plus 35%* commission when the item sells. Overage on square footage in excess of 4 sq. ft is charged at 3.50/mo. per sq.’
  • Larger pieces like tables, china cabinets and armoires (up to 10 sq.’ of floor space), are charged at $35/mo. or fraction thereof per piece, plus 35%* of the selling price upon sales. Overage on square footage in excess of 10 sq.” is charged at $3.50/mo./sq.’

You may remove the item at any time provided your monthly rent is paid in full. Using this plan allows you to set the percentage and timing of any discounts.


We have had significant success selling cars, boats, campers and industrial equipment online. Most items in this category are subject to a 20%* sales commission provided the items sell for $5,000 or over, however all such items may be subject to additional fees and/or discounts depending on particulars like selling price, storage, final value fees, etc. Please contact us for details.


Items that sell for over $2,500 get a 5% commission reduction and items that sell for over $5,000 get a 10% commission reduction. Consult management for items valued at over $10,000.

You don’t have to pay the rent monthly. We will take it out of the selling price unless you take the item back in which case you need to pay any rent due before removing the item.

* A 3.5% additional fee will be charged if the buyer uses a credit card to make their purchase


While every reasonable effort is made to protect your items, occasional breakage and theft are unavoidable in all retail establishments. All consigned items are taken in at the risk of the consignor. In many cases your homeowner’s policy will cover such losses (subject to your deductible).

RIAM offers an insurance option for those who are concerned about such potential loss. The fee is calculated at 6% of the item’s retail value (for example, insurance for a $200 item is $12) and must be purchased at the time of consignment. Similar to a car insurance policy, the insurer may choose to repair damaged items when practical. In the event of theft or destruction of the insured item, the policy will pay the consignor the net value of the item (after the store’s commission) and where practical the damaged item is forfeited to the insurer. Thus for example, an insured stolen item currently priced at the time of loss at $500 with a 40% commission would pay the consignor $300. Minor “shop wear” is not covered by this policy.

Other Options

OUTRIGHT PURCHASE: RIAM may be willing to purchase certain items outright at a wholesale rate if you prefer not to wait for them to get sold at a retail price over time. Ask us about this option. We also make house calls for large collections and may be willing to purchase your entire estate or any fraction of it outright. Full estate clean-out is also available. Please inquire for details.

ON-LINE SALE: RIAM management might determine that certain items may sell better on-line than in our shop. We will offer this alternative to you if appropriate. Our fees are the same as in-store consignment, except that a $60 non-refundable listing fee will be charged for items listed with a reserve, should you require one. This listing fee will be fully applied to the sales commission if the item sells. No listing fee is charged for items listed using an absolute auction format starting at $9.99 (Recommended).

Getting Paid

No matter what day your consignment is initiated or what day your item sells, all sales are tallied on the last day of each month. Payments are then processed and mailed out by the 10th of the following month. Mid-month payouts can usually be arranged for a $10 service fee.