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The experts at Rhode Island Antiques Mall share their knowledge and experience on a variety of topics around antiques and collectibles. Fun and insightful reading for everyone interested in antiques from the serious collector to the hobbyist.

Blog Posts by Category
Blog Posts by Category

Is Your China Valuable?

Among the most common items to find their way to the second-hand market are sets of china. While that’s not surprising considering that most folks own multiple sets of dishes, what might surprise you is just how few of these

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Is it Time to Sell Your Old Clocks?

Up until the 15th century, time was tracked primarily by sundials. One of the most important milestones of modern civilization was the advent of weight- and spring-driven mechanical clocks. These made it possible for people to improve their personal and

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Old Advertising Can Be Valuable

Individuals and companies have been advertising their products and services for centuries. Rarely found today, the oldest examples of advertising are usually the most desirable. However, items from the 1950s and 60s are often sought after as well, making advertising

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Selling Old Clothing and Textiles

There is nothing more plentiful in the average American home than clothing and textiles. Despite the fact that we regularly wear only a small fraction of what we own, when you take into account seasonal clothing, stored pieces that are

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Your 1950s to 1970s Furniture May Be Valuable

Today’s younger generation is living a decidedly more casual lifestyle than earlier generations, and they’re finding it necessary to live in smaller spaces, including a lot of condos and lofts. These spaces are not conducive to traditional antique furniture, and

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Your Ephemera May Be Valuable!

If there is one thing that every reader of this post probably has, it’s ephemera… and most people don’t even know what that means! Simply put, ephemera is any piece of printed matter that was meant to be useful for

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