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The experts at Rhode Island Antiques Mall share their knowledge and experience on a variety of topics around antiques and collectibles. Fun and insightful reading for everyone interested in antiques from the serious collector to the hobbyist.

Blog Posts by Category
Blog Posts by Category

How to Sell Your Old Books

One of the most commonly misunderstood categories of antiques is books. Once again, it all comes down to the law of supply and demand. Considering just how many books there are in the world (how many have you bought in

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Old Cottage Items Hold Unexpected Value

As the world gets more and more hectic every day, folks of all ages are becoming more nostalgic about the simpler things in life. Some people are purchasing second homes as a way to get away from it all. Others

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Are All Collectibles Really Collectible?

Generally speaking, collectibles are mass-manufactured items made and marketed for the express purpose of being collected. Usually, they serve no purpose aside from filling an otherwise empty china or curio cabinet, but that never seems to stop folks from buying

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Men’s Trinket and Tool Box Items

As a longtime antiques dealer and estate liquidator, I’ve had the unique, and often humbling, privilege to dig through the very personal effects of many people both alive and deceased. Having done this so many times, I’ve come to see

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Are Your Valuable Antiques Rotting Away?

As a high-volume antiques dealer, the vast majority of what RIAM sells comes out of homes. Our staff makes multiple house calls a week, and many of the people we visit are senior citizens or folks nearing retirement age. People

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Ask the Experts at RIAM

With relevant college degrees and nearly 100 years of collective experience covering a broad range of art, antiques and collectibles – RIAM’s appraisers and experts can help you with your questions.

Submit your questions on anything from an object you can’t identify to how to care, collect, clean or restore your antiques. Your question might be the subject of a future article from our experts! Almost all questions are fair game however we do not provide free appraisals through this blog

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