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The experts at Rhode Island Antiques Mall share their knowledge and experience on a variety of topics around antiques and collectibles. Fun and insightful reading for everyone interested in antiques from the serious collector to the hobbyist.

Blog Posts by Category
Blog Posts by Category

What Makes Lighting Fixtures Valuable

Prior to the invention of the electric light, most lighting was achieved using portable oil lamps and candles that lit a small area, but larger spaces needed to be lit by chandeliers and sconces that were mounted to the ceiling

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Selling Old Automotive Items

While predecessors to what we know as today’s automobile were being developed as early as the 1600s, the first modern automobile with an internal combustion engine was produced by Karl Benz in 1888. Ever since, many folks have had a

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Do You Have Any Porcelain-head Dolls?

It’s probably safe to say that virtually every little girl in the world has had a doll of some kind. In America and other prosperous countries, most little girls probably had many over the course of childhood. More privileged children

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Macabre Items are Big With Collectors

People have always had a fascination with death and the “dark side” of human nature. When it comes to antiques and collectibles, the term “macabre” refers to disturbing objects, usually of a frightening or gruesome nature. Who among us has

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What Makes Antique Electric Lamps Valuable

Let’s start out with a question that many people think they know the answer to: Who invented the lightbulb, and when? If your answer was Thomas Edison around 1880, then you’re off by a country mile. The first lightbulb was

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