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Antiques/Art Investment

Everyone agrees that antique, art, and collectibles are fun to hunt for and a pleasure to live with but did you know that owning well-selected examples of these items can serve as wise investments as well? Whether you’re looking for a gift that you hope becomes an heirloom, or considering adding a tangible collection to your financial portfolio, RIAM’s knowledgeable staff can help you to learn about, identify, locate and procure anything from a single item to a world-class collection.

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Scope of Services

With over 30 years of experience each, RIAM’s owners have served as advisors, appraisers, brokers and buyers for countless clients. Our services include:


  • In-store advice on the basics of collecting and investing in antiques, art, and collectibles. This advice is freely shared and free of charge.
  • Private consultation with personalized focus on developing a collection to suit your interests along with your financial objectives.
  • In-home consultation for matters including downsizing, selection of period and/or architecturally appropriate furnishings and art, or any other matters concerned with collections as investments.
  • Consultation with your architects, interior designers, and/or financial advisors, in the selection and procurement of antiques, art, or collectibles.


  • Our advisors have tremendous resources and can locate and purchase special items for you from around the world.
  • Our representatives can anonymously represent you at auctions, estate sales, and private transactions.
  • Our auction brokers maintain relationships with scores of specialized auctioneers nationwide and beyond, and can help you to monetize your investments in the timeliest, most cost-effective and profitable manner. (Hint: Selecting the wrong auctioneer or dealer is the single biggest reason for losses when monetizing collections).

Our Fees:

Consultation: $165/hour (including travel time).

Buying/Selling Representation:

  • Minimum Fee: $250 (including items passed at auction)
  • 20% for portion $10,000 or under
  • 15% for portion $10,001 to $50,000
  • 10% for portion $50,001 to $150,000
  • Inquire about fees for representation transactions over $150,000.
  • In all cases, required travel and other expenses shall be reimbursed by the client.