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Is Your Furniture Truly Antique?

Chances are that you have old pieces of furniture that you think might be valuable. Perhaps they were passed down to you, or you purchased them second-hand. In this post, we’ll provide you with some guidelines to determine if your pieces are truly antique. Early American furniture  The most desirable pieces are those that were … Read more

Your Old Pottery Pieces May Be Worth Big Money

If your grandparents were living in this country back near the turn of the last century, then you may still have a few pieces of their pottery stashed away. Unlike pottery from much of the rest of the world, the clay used for American pottery is usually quite robust, with excellent strength and solidity and … Read more

Valuing Family Heirloom Pocket Watches

If you’re like most people, you probably have an ancestor’s pocket watch stashed away. At some point or another, its worth may have crossed your mind. While some old watches are valuable, the vast majority are actually worth less than $100. Like most antiques, it’s all about the old rule of supply and demand.  While … Read more

Should You Clean, Repair or Restore Your Antiques?

The subject of cleaning, repairing and restoring antiques raises more questions from novice collectors than most other subjects put together. Everyone has heard stories about someone spending a fortune to restore an antique, only to have it rendered worthless by doing so. Here’s how to get the most enjoyment from your antiques while not harming … Read more

How to Sell Vintage and Antique Jewelry

Almost everyone has at least a few pieces of jewelry stashed away that they’ll never wear again, or never wore at all. The good news is that now is a great time to turn those unwanted baubles into cash. As of this publication, precious metals are at near all-time highs, and vintage and antique jewelry … Read more

Which Antique Items are Worth Selling?

If you’re an adult reading this post, then chances are you have accumulated at least a few items of value, either that you purchased yourself at one point or obtained through inheritance or as a gift. Older adults may have received wedding gifts that are now considered vintage and possibly collectible. You may have an … Read more

How to Get the Most for Your Antiques

More antiques are entering the market now than ever before. Many Boomers are downsizing, and other people are simply looking to increase their cash flow in a tight economy. You may be inclined to jump on the resale bandwagon, but be cautious: Supply is increasing, but demand for antiques is diminishing, especially when it comes … Read more